PokerMatch to Join Playtech iPoker Network via New Deal

PokerMatch to Join Playtech iPoker Network via New Deal

PokerMatch and Playtech announced their exciting partnership and which further adds to the content of the latter’s iPoker network. The iPoker network is known for being among the longest-running networks in the Poker industry, developed in a way that could operate within the laws in various jurisdictions. 

Playtech, among the gaming industry leaders, stated that iPoker is among the top 5 poker platforms in the world and “offers an excellent liquidity pool.” This move is part of its broader strategy to grow its operations in the regulated market. 

Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch, said: “We at PokerMatch are both inspired and excited to be part of the iconic iPoker network. Partnership with such a well-established partner as Playtech will undoubtedly become one of the most significant achievements for our company.” 

Banget added that even though PokerMatch has been in the industry for six years, they are content with how much the company has achieved. This partnership will be one of the most significant achievements in the company’s history. He also thanked Playtech for their support and straightforward communication.

Marat Koss, Playtech’s VP of interactive gaming, welcomed PokerMatch to the iPoker network and stated that he is happy that PokerMatch has established itself as a big market player in Easter Europe in such a short span. He added that they are looking forwards to a long and record-breaking partnership with them. 

Since 2016, Pokermatch has enjoyed great success. They have organized many tournaments and series while offering attractive promotions. Moreover, thanks to their innovative and reliable software, they could cater to a wide range of players around the world. 

To further raise the gaming experience, PokerMatch also plans to launch special bonuses once this shift to iPoker is finished. Additionally, they added that players would learn further information related to this promotion through their social media websites and channels.

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