Ontario to officially launch Spinaway via GiG

Ontario to officially launch Spinaway via GiG

Spinway has collaborated alongside the Gaming Innovations Group (GiG) to formally introduce its product within the Canadian province of Ontario. The online casino is now operational and will use the GiG platform. The range of gambling games offered by SpinAway will be available to local gamers.

GiG secured a supplier licence for Ontario in July 2022 after receiving regulatory clearance from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). In the aforementioned Canadian province, it is permitted to run its B2B sportsbook with a player account management (PAM) platform. Additionally, GiG declared its intention to relocate to Pennsylvania after receiving “interim authorisation”.

GiG’s technology, according to SpinAway representatives, was created expressly to assist the company’s objectives for market development within North American regulated industries and other countries. By forming a collaboration with GiG, SpinAway was able to carry out its ambitions for expansion in Ontario, according to a spokeswoman for the company. The online casino owner believed that the brand would prosper in the territory.

We have been outspoken about our dedication to expanding in regulated areas and making sure that our technology meets the needs of assisting both new and current partners in growing their businesses. Fitton stated that GiG was delighted to help SpinAway debut its service in Ontario and that the company was pleased with their partnership agreement and upcoming collaboration. Fitton further pledged that GiG would support SpinAway’s cutting-edge technology and stellar reputation.

Last week, GiG assisted L7 Entertainment in expanding into Ontario throughout its LuckyDays brand before the launch of Spanaway. Mostly on the GiG platform in Ontario, the brand, as mentioned above, ‘s online casino service is operational. After such an earlier release in Sweden, this was L7 Entertainment and GiG’s second market debut.

The market performance statistics for Ontario for the second quarter, announced by iGaming Ontario last month, showed an increase of about CAD 2 billion compared to the figures for the first quarter. Without accounting for promotional wagers, total wages from July 1 through September 30 totalled $6.04 billion, a considerable increase over the $4.07 billion in the first quarter.

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